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Nishiyama immigration Service provides residence(work permit) application support with low prices for Japanese companies to accept foreign workers or foreign nationals themselves, through NICRAS utilizing Residency Application API released by Immigration Services Agency.


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Previously, residence(work permit) application procedures such as application for issuance of certificate of eligibility, application for permission to change residence status, application for permission to extend period of stay, etc. had to be made at the counter of the local government office of the Immigration Services Agency (Immigration Bureau).

From April 2019, the Immigration Bureau released the online residence application system, making it possible to apply online.

Currently, the applicant (foreign national), the lawyer/administrative scrivener acting as intermediary, and the staff of the affiliated organization can apply online without having to visit the Immigration Bureau counter.

Furthermore, in July 2020, the specifications for the online residence application API, which allows data linkage between systems developed by the private sector and online residence application systems, were released.

Nishiyama Chizai Co., Ltd., a system development company affiliated with Nishiyama Immigration Service, has developed a unique residence(work permit) application support system: NICRAS based on the residence application online API, and Nishiyama Immigration Service utilizes this system to apply.

We provide a new residence/work permit agency service not only for foreign nationals but also for companies and organizations that accept foreign nationals.

Mechanism using the residence application online API

Mechanism using the residence application online API

First, the applicant, a foreign national or his or her representative, fills out the Excel-based application template provided by us and send it via email along with supporting documents to "Nishiyama Immigration Service".

"Nishiyama Immigration Service" conducts a remote interview with the applicant, checks the application content and supporting documents, and if there are no problems, based on the established specifications, it sends them to the residence application online system of Immigration Bureau as electronic data via Mynaportal.

The database of the web system(members only) of "Nishiyama Immigration Service" is linked with the online residence application system from time to time to reflect progress data, so applicants and their representatives should always check the status of reception and examination.